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Voorheesville Blackbird Youth Lacrosse

Voorheesville Blackbird Youth Lacrosse

The Blackbird Way. Our Values.

 Players Will...Coaches Will...Parents Will...VBYL Will...
  • Be great teammates
  • Place the team above themselves
  • Celebrate teammates’ accomplishments
  • Play as a team, and pass the ball to teammates.

  • Teach our players team building, emphasize the importance of playing as a team, and exhibit the type of behavior that we want our players to model.

  • Set positive examples  for their child to see that emphasizes team over individual and development over winning.
  • Form teams as evenly balanced as possible, providing a stronger learning experience for our teams.  It also allows for each player to experience playing with a wide variety of teammates of different skill levels
 Sportsmanship / Respect
  • Treat coaches, parents, referees and opposing players with respect.
  • Treat players, parents, referees and opposing players with respect and exhibit a strong example we want children in our community to emulate.
  • Strive to create a safe, fair, fun and positive environment based on mutual development and  respect, rather than winning at all costs.

  • Treat coaches, parents, referees and opposing players with respect and set an example for the players.
  • Strive to create a safe, fair, fun and positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude, and our program is designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of lacrosse.
Character Development 
  • Practice Hard, Play Hard
  • Mistakes are okay, learn and keep playing. 
  • Be Humble
  • Be as excited for your teammates' success as you are your own.
  • Support your teammates when they struggle.
  • Be on time to practice and games.

  • Provide positive instruction and encouragement of player effort which ultimately leads to better skilled and better motivated players.  
  • Work to develop a strong team that practices sportsmanship, hard work, and respect.

  •  Address any concerns with coaches/league privately. Avoid approaching the field or any officials in front of the players or other parents.
  •  When talking with a coach or league administrator, choose a time and place that is out of earshot of others.
  • Be encouraging when cheering for the team.  Remember VBYL is about  development over winning, as well as learning through success and failure.
  •  Make sure your child is on time for practice and games
  • Support coaches in teaching:
    • Development over winning
    • the Team over the Individual
    • Players to remain humble and respectful

Skill Development 
  • Be on time to practice and games
  • Work Hard and don’t be afraid to fail
  • Listen to your coaches and don’t talk when he/she is talking.
  • Stay positive, lacrosse skills take a lot of time and repetitions to develop.
  • Practice at home!!
  • Emphasize Development over winning
  • Provide positive instruction and encouragement  in dynamic practices that focus on developing each players skill and motivation.
  • Provide equal playing time (or as close as possible) for all players on the team.
  • Emphasize Development over winning
  • Accept that your child will find success and failure in sports.  Encourage them in both to be humble and to keep working on developing their skills.
  • Try to get players to practice and games on time.
  • Encourage and support your player in practicing their skills at home.
  • Emphasize Development over winning
  • Emphasize balanced teams and equal playing time across all levels.
  • Provide quality training for coaches to help them provide positive, dynamic practices and game experiences.
  • Support coaches, volunteers with the equipment, organization and communication that will help them succeed.
  • Seek appropriate competition for games and tournaments.
Growing the Game 
  • Be a proud member of the lacrosse community
  • Encourage friends to play
  • Encourage and help new players in succeeding
  •  Always welcome and encourage new players to try lacrosse
  • Provide a positive, team first environment that is welcoming so that players feel able to contribute no matter their starting skill level
  • Share with friends and neighbors how your child’s lacrosse experience has been positive. Encourage them to sign up!
  • Provide opportunities throughout the year to have players try lacrosse or continue improving their skills.
  • Our program registration is always open to all children who want to sign up to play.
  • Facilitate new players by offering to rent equipment, and offering low-cost ways to try the sport.


Voorheesville Blackbird Youth Lacrosse

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