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Voorheesville Blackbird Youth Lacrosse

Lacrosse Equipment Buying Guide

This guide is designed to help families buy lacrosse equipment. If you have any questions, lease email us at [email protected].

Boys Lacrosse Equipment Needs

  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Helmet
  • Shoulder/Chest Pads
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Cleats
  • Protective Cup
  • Mouthguard
MA visual guide and more information from USA Lacrosse can be found here

Girls Lacrosse Equipment Needs

  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Goggles (or Helmet)
  • Cleats
  • Mouthguard
A visual guide and more information from USA Lacrosse can be found here

Sizing Guide

Make sure you use this sizing guide before buying equipment - especially if you are shopping online.

Sizing Guide from Lacrosse Unlimited.

Where to Buy Lacrosse Equipment

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 New EquipmentUsed Equipment**
 Local Stores
  • Dicks Sporting Goods (Latham Farms, Crossgates)
  • Precision Lacrosse*(Route 9, Latham)
  • Universal Lacrosse* (Clifton Park Mall)
  • Play it Again Sports (Peter Harris Plaza, Latham) - New and Used Equipment
The advantage of going to Precision Lacrosse or Universal Lacrosse is that their employees are lacrosse players. They have great knowledge and often will let your player try out the stick in the store. 
  • Play it Again Sports (Peter Harris Plaza, Latham) - New and Used Equipment

Online Stores
  • Mercari
  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • SidelineSwap
  • Mercari
  • Facebook Marketplace

 ** Used lacrosse buyer's guide (some good advice if buying used).

Buying a Lacrosse Stick

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Lacrosse Stick Background Info Buying a Complete Stick (Head, Mesh, Shaft already put together)Buying your own custom stick (buying the parts separately and putting them together).
  • There are three parts of a complete lacrosse stick: Head, Mesh, Shaft
  • Three types of Boy’s stick: Goalie Stick, Short Stick (Shaft is 30 inches or less - used by most players), Long Stick (Shaft is 60 inches - used by defensemen. Usually not allowed until 5th grade or older).
  • Two types of Girl’s stick: Goalie Stick, Short Stick
Advice: Avoid beginner sticks from box stores. They are not strung well and though they are cheaper, your child will develop bad habits and struggle to throw and catch.
Below are some highly rated full sticks. They will cost a bit more, but your child will find more success.

Boys Sticks
 - recommendations and links:
Cost-effective and strung right every time (great stick and great cost) - Powell Pioneer II Attack
Best Complete Men’s Sticks
Complete Sticks for Youth, High School, & More (Men’s)

Girls Sticks - recommendations and links:
Best Women's Lacrosse Sticks 
Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks: Advanced, Budget, & Beginner Options
Advice: Players who have played before may want to go this route. The best advice is to go to Precision Lacrosse or Universal Lacrosse so their experts can help you find the head, mesh, and shaft that fit your style of play! They can even put it all together for you.

Buying Boys Shoulder Pads

Make sure any shoulder pads you buy contain the NOCSAE logo and SEI certification mark!!

Details: Effective January 1, 2021, boys' and girls' goalie chest protectors must be designed for lacrosse and meet the NOCSAE standard, ND200. All chest protectors and shoulder pads must contain the NOCSAE logo and SEI certification mark on both the packaging and the product to be legal for play. USA Lacrosse Link with more details.

Buying a Boys Lacrosse Helmet

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Guide to buying a lacrosse helmet Voorheesville Youth Lax HelmetsCascade Lacrosse HelmetsHelmet Sizing
 Video  If you are buying a helmet - please note that our club wears white helmets (although players often wear other colors too. White is our recommended helmet color). Cascade is the company that most youth players wear.
Cascade models are:
-CS or CS-R (These are for younger players and usually worn by players in grades Kindergarten to 3rd Grade)
-CPV or CPV-R (This is a quality model used by players of all levels. It is a cost-effective option as well). They have many sizes as well.
-Cascade R; Cascade S; Cascade XRS (Used by experienced players. One Size. Higher Cost, but very high quality). 
 Click here and scroll down.

Buying Goggles for Girls Lacrosse

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 Buying GuideGoggles Must...6 Best GogglesGoggles Sizing
 Guide to buying goggles.
  • Meet the current ASTM standard for women's lacrosse eyewear;
  • Be SEI certified nd bear the SEI mark
  • SEI Website
 6 Best Girls Lacrosse Goggles. Video on googles sizing.


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